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A New Year a New Challenge

I’ve been quiet lately, a bit overwhelmed by a few things in my life. One has been my son being away at a residential program for kids with Autism and other issues. I’ve been missing him and his program has also required us to do a lot of work, too, so we can be ready for him when he completes it. I’ve also been really busy with a very challenging workout program, and then, to top it all off…my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training began this week!

Last fall, I decided I wanted to get certified to teach yoga. I’ve done it for many years and I use it to treat aches and pains and to stretch out after hard workouts and I’ve really gotten a lot of benefit from it. I did research and found a program that sounded like a good fit, but the training didn’t start until January 2021. I figured that would help me get into better shape to prepare for it, so I signed up. The program is virtual, so I wouldn’t have to take off time from work or travel.

I chose a program that is more a modern, fitness-based yoga program. There is little discussion of any Hindu philosophy, no sanscrit, no chanting or spirituality mixed in. (No offense if that’s your thing, it just wasn’t what I was looking for.) There is a big emphasis on anatomy and physiology and the science behind different poses and how they work to strengthen or create greater flexibility or mobility and how best to teach them safely and clearly to a western audience. The style of yoga is power vinyasa, which is pretty physically demanding, but I’m also learning some yin yoga and encouraged to try other styles as well as part of my practice hours.

It’s a lot of hours of yoga, repeating poses, breaking them down, teaching them, getting feedback on my teaching, and then doing it all again. I think I spent a good part of my week in a half-pushup and my shoulders are not so pleased about it. When I think about being able to help friends and family feel more comfortable in their bodies or maybe getting to teach others and help them find relief from some of their stress or aches or pains…it feels worth it.

So, for the next two months, in addition to my daily workouts, I’m doing hours of yoga. Some days, I spend up to four hours in it, along with hours spent studying anatomy books, reading up on myofascial release, practicing using certain terms or words to describe movement, and becoming stronger and more flexible. It’s definitely a challenge!

I look forward to returning to running after my training, as the weather also warms up, but for now, I’m focused on this goal while still lifting my weights and doing my cardio in the mornings.


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Yoga Instructor, Fitness and Nutrition Geek, Network Engineer, and Wife and Mother of 2 living the dream in Milwaukee, WI.

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