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Why I’m Proud of a 161st Finish for my Thanksgiving 5k

I ran my first race back running on Thanksgiving. When I say “ran,” well…it wasn’t exactly my best race, but there was running and I did the distance and I’m still very proud of it. This year hasn’t been a normal year in any way and this race was a virtual 5k due to Covid.Continue reading “Why I’m Proud of a 161st Finish for my Thanksgiving 5k”

A New Perspective for “This Too Shall Pass”

I’ve always leaned on certain phrases whenever I’ve gone through challenging times. One of my favorites was “This Too Shall Pass,” which is attributed to King Solomon. I always took it to mean that no matter how the present moment is, it won’t last. This phrase would come to mind when I was doing aContinue reading “A New Perspective for “This Too Shall Pass””

Special Needs Parents…I See You

I see you, crying in your shower because that’s the most time you have somewhere private and I see you wipe your face and turn to face another day. I see you exhausted from another night of little sleep, either from worry or getting up to take care of your child. I see you staringContinue reading “Special Needs Parents…I See You”

2020 As Masterclass?

When the quarantine first began, I kept getting ads on my social media feeds for something called “Masterclass” and I was fascinated by them. These were classes taught by experts in their fields, so cooking classes by famous chefs, acting classes by famous actors, a gardening class by a great gardener, and even a classContinue reading “2020 As Masterclass?”

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough…?

This past week has been one of the hardest in my life emotionally. I’m not ready to get into specifics and everyone is ok, but I feel like my heart was put through a blender. On top of what was going on in my personal life, my coworker had to be out of state forContinue reading “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough…?”