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Geek Yoga – Yoga for Mind and Body

Yoga For Fitness, Mobility, and Flexibility

I approach yoga from the same mindset I’ve applied to my career in Information Technology. Rather than trying to be your spiritual guru, I’m here to help you feel better in your own body with yoga that is grounded in anatomy and physiology. I use English names for poses and concrete directions that are easy to follow and I design yoga classes that address common issues we all find ourselves facing in our lives, whether it’s a sore back or tight shoulders or a lack of core strength. I teach about the physiological and neuroscience behind how yoga works and leave your spiritual journey up to you.

Your “woo” is up to you, but I’m excited to help you feel more at home and comfortable in your own skin.


I blog about all areas of wellness, from fitness, nutrition, yoga, running, and managing stress.

One On One Sessions

I offer one on one sessions where we work together to address your unique goals with custom yoga sequences. Don’t waste your valuable time with generic classes that may or may not fit you or your schedule!

Group Classes

I offer scheduled group classes and I also am available for custom group classes for your organization. Whether you want a fast-paced, strength-building, or gentle relaxing class, I can tailor a class to fit your group and their fitness level.


Karen Tunkel is a yoga teacher and fitness and nutrition coach as well as a network engineer, based in Milwaukee, WI.

Get in Touch

I love helping people reach their health and fitness goals! Contact me if you’d like a free 30 minute consultation to see how I can help you.

Services Offered

Yoga Classes – One on One or Group
Custom Nutrition Coaching
Custom Fitness Coaching