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The First Time I Prayed…It Was While I Was Running

Growing up, I’d never been really religious. Even through most of my 20’s, I flirted with different belief systems, but nothing ever really “stuck.” I was agnostic, not sure what I believed, but pretty much feeling like I was on my own. That is, until I was in my early 30’s a single mother ofContinue reading “The First Time I Prayed…It Was While I Was Running”

Why You Need Cross Training

The FIRST time I took up running…I just ran. I put on my shoes and slowly upped my mileage, but pretty much, running was my thing and I wasn’t really interested in other activities. I’ve known people who are similar with whatever sport they enjoy most, particularly cyclists. It’s very easy to find something thatContinue reading “Why You Need Cross Training”

Why Most People Think They Hate Running

I grew up HATING running, but secretly envious of those few people I knew who seemed to enjoy it. My best friend in college, Phil, was a marathon runner. He ran every day and if he missed a run…well, he truly seemed to miss it, which was something that seemed a little odd to me.Continue reading “Why Most People Think They Hate Running”