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Exercise and Brushing Your Teeth

When I was in college, I was also in Air Force ROTC for 2 years. I didn’t complete the program due to my genetically imperfect knees, which in the 90’s was enough to get you bumped. Still, I learned a lot and found myself in the best shape of my life. Even so, I hatedContinue reading “Exercise and Brushing Your Teeth”

What is a “Mobility Hygiene Routine” and Why Do I Need One?

I’m 43 years old this year and one thing that I’ve discovered about aging is that my body requires more and more maintenance. It’s become more and more like an older car that needs a lot more tinkering and regular maintenance in order to run close to what it used to. I’ve actually started flossingContinue reading “What is a “Mobility Hygiene Routine” and Why Do I Need One?”