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Exercise and Brushing Your Teeth

When I was in college, I was also in Air Force ROTC for 2 years. I didn’t complete the program due to my genetically imperfect knees, which in the 90’s was enough to get you bumped. Still, I learned a lot and found myself in the best shape of my life. Even so, I hatedContinue reading “Exercise and Brushing Your Teeth”

When I’m Shaking…Lessons Learned From the Barre

There are moments in life where I feel I can’t hold on any longer, when I feel like I don’t have the strength. Moments when bad news hits me in the gut suddenly or stress and pressure mount up to the point I feel like I will fail under the strain. Moments when I amContinue reading “When I’m Shaking…Lessons Learned From the Barre”