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Product Review – No Cow Protein Bars!

Sometimes, no matter how well I try to plan ahead, I wind up in situations where I’m between meals, hungry, and there is nothing healthy or kosher within sight. Other times, I just need a break from protein smoothies and need something quick and easy to add to a meal that provides a big punch of protein. Those situations are where protein bars come in and I relied heavily on them while I was running through airports on my trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago. This is my review of No Cow Protein Bars and no, they aren’t paying me anything, but if they’d like to, I’m totally up for it.

I chose No Cow bars for a few reasons.

  • They’re kosher, pareve, and vegan. They are OU certified and have some vegan certifications as well. I liked knowing I didn’t have to worry about all that off the top.
  • The macros and calories fit what I was looking for. They’re just 190 calories, which is lower than many protein bars out there, but they have 21 grams of protein per bar and just 4.5 grams of fat. The carbs are a little high at 25 grams, but again, compared to other protein bars, that’s still pretty good and to be expected with a bar like this.
  • They have a TON of flavors! I wound up just getting peanut butter chocolate chip because that was the highest reviewed one, but they have s’mores, birthday cake, peanut butter cup…you name it.

So…the review…

First off, this is a protein bar not a candy bar. The texture is pretty sticky, so be ready to wash your hands if you pick at it. There is a little grainy-ness. Overall, though, the flavor and texture were not bad, particularly compared to other protein bars. The only bars I’ve had that were better tasting or had a better texture also had higher carbs and/or less protein. Trade offs have to be made sometimes. Like most protein bars, you’ll want something to wash these down with, like some water, but I did find that these helped keep me full without having to break my plan.

They were super convenient and I often paired them with veggies while I was on the go which worked great. You can get these in larger quantities on Amazon or directly from the maker and they have sample packs if you want to try the various flavors. I found they did well stashed in a backpack all day even in the Florida heat.

So…overall…these are a great option for convenience without sacrificing nutrition, but they are not going to be a tempting snack that you’ll want to binge on, which is ok with me. I’d rather not have a box of candy bars lurking in my pantry luring me anyway.


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