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Supplement Review – Garden of Life SPORT Plant Based Recovery

So, I’ve talked previously about supplements and the main categories that most people begin with and whether you even need them, but this time around, I’m reviewing a specific product I tried out this week, which is a recovery drink. The purpose of this drink is to try to help your muscles recover faster after a tough workout. It’s vegan and kosher certified OU pareve and retails for about $30 US for 15.7 ounces, which is about 30 servings, so about $1 a serving.

Unlike a lot of other workout recovery beverages, this one isn’t that heavy on the protein with just 2 grams of protein per serving which comes from organic pea protein and magnesium amino acid chelate. So, this product really doesn’t seem to be focused on muscle building, but more on reducing post-workout soreness. To do this, it relies on a mixture of B vitamins, magnesium, and “antioxidents” which basically boils down to several fruit extracts. It comes in one flavor, blackberry lemonade.

How to Use

Basically, within 1/2 hour of your workout, you mix 1 scoop of this powder with 8 ounces of water. I mixed mine in a shaker bottle and found that it’s kind of tough to fully disolve without some grit, but it wasn’t too bad. The flavor was a little like a watered down fake fruity lemonade. The color was the more off-putting part, but this company prides itself on not using artificial colors or flavors, so that’s probably a trade-off there. I definitely was not drinking this for pleasure or the taste, but I also didn’t gag on it, either.

My Results

I do feel like the B vitamins and magnesium were helpful for my recovery after my workouts. I did 2 weight workouts and one cardio workout and I do think it helped some with delayed onset muscle soreness and with my energy after my morning workouts as I headed into my work day. I did find that it wasn’t as filling as my usual protein powder recovery. I also felt like I could have had similar benefits if I took magnesium and vitamin B supplements along with a greek yogurt with berries, but it was nice to have the convenience of a quick drink I could swallow down on the way to the shower.

Worth the Money?

This…I’m not sure on. When I bought the container, with shipping it was about $35, which seemed pricey for such a small bottle, but then again, the scoop is also small. Cost-wise, it probably stacks up just find against comparable products. I do wish it had more protein and I will probably use it along with a protein blend. After I use this container up, I’ll probably try workouts without it before deciding whether or not to buy more and I’ll update this review accordingly.

Where to Get It

You can find this product either on Amazon or I don’t get any money from either of these, so pick whichever works best for you or do a quick google search for your own source.


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